Infant care

Mother and infant care

Mother and infant care

Becoming a mother is a difficult task, that’s why Caresa offers a post-natal program for mothers and their new-born. The team can help you with anything you might find difficult when taking care of your new-born

Infant vaccination

Caresa provides a vaccination service, helping you and your family stay safe from certain diseases.


Caresa can provide a caregiver if required. The caregiver will be with you and at your service 24/7. Our caregivers are skilled in basic care provided to a high standard. However, for more difficult tasks or prescriptions a care team will come by to provide the service that is needed.

Dietary service

Caresa has dietitians who can help you to eat healthly by drawing up an individual dietary plan. This can be either as part of your overall treatment plan, or as a specific request. The dietary plan can help you to eat a healthier diet, or to address a deficiency of certain vitamins or other nutritional elements. Maximising your health is the main goal of Caresa. We believe that simply receiving care several times per week is not always enough. Any treatment plan should be combined with as healthy a lifestyle as possible, including healthy food. This will speed up any healing processes and contribute to maximising your wellbeing.

Doctor visit and consultation

Caresa employs several specialists and doctors. Each of these specialists is available to you when required. You can consult with a doctor either at home or at the Caresa office, whichever is most convenient for you.

Laboratory tests

The Caresa healthcare specialists will take samples (e.g. blood) for analysis whenever necessary and will share the results with you.

Medical Equipment

We have partnerships with suppliers of medical equipment. For your convenience, and to take advantage of the cost-effectiveness of buying in bulk, we can liaise with the suppliers on your behalf, to provide you with the required equipment. The type of equipment that can be requested includes: wheelchairs, bedpans, urinals, patient elevators, hospital beds, compression units, lift chairs, ostomy supplies, cast boots, wound management supplies, bathroom safety devices, urological supplies, alternating pressure pads, geriatric chairs, ambulatory aids, incontinence aids, sick room supplies, aids for daily living, continuous passive motion, home monitoring devices, etc.

Nursing services
Caresa provides several nursing services which include, but are not limited to:

Everyone is different and has individual needs, so if you want more information, or want to see if we can take care of you, your parent, your sibling, your child, or indeed anyone that you care for, please contact us via the ‘Visit Us’ page!.
If you are looking for an infant care provider, we are Caresa the best home care provider for the infant and the mother as well, as we have the methods that enable us to provide the best newborn and infant care service as well. Your baby is safe and will receive the best home care through a team specialized in infant care and by the best technologies used worldwide in the care of infants and children and in all aspects of home care.


Caresa will not directly provide or sell any medication. Doctors at the Caresa team will prescribe the medication for you or your family to obtain at their pharmacy. The Caresa nurses will explain and provide guidance as necessary regarding how and when to take the medication. The Caresa team will also remind you when they are running out of medication and will provide a new subscription so that you can obtain it in a timely matter.

Mobile Dental care

To make your life easier, Caresa offers a mobile dental care service. The mobile dental care unit will visit you for any dental needs, allowing you to remain in the comfort of your home. The mobile dental care unit can provide any regular dental service.

Occupational therapist service

The Caresa team also includes occupational therapists, who can help you with adjustments to make everyday life easier, following illness or accident. For example, if it becomes necessary for you to start using a wheelchair, an occupational therapist will work with you to help you become accustomed to it, and to minimise any negative impact on your daily living. The occupational therapist can also visit your house and recommend modifications to help make life easier.


We also have skilled and qualified physiotherapists in our team, who will create the most appropriate treatment plans for you involving movement and exercise. The treatment plans will be administered using the latest techniques together with the most advanced technology available, to promote a rapid improvement.

Social worker

Caresa co-operates with social service companies, so that if you or your family need this type of assistance, or simply need to talk about the situation, you can ask for this support. We will arrange for you to be put in contact with a social worker to provide the necessary assistance.

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