Message of Frenk Wellink (Director)

For me, the focus lies on working with you and your family. Your family plays a crucial role in your recovery and that is why we want to educate family members so that they can help you whenever necessary. We want to help as many people as possible and improve their health and quality of life. We will achieve this through providing a full and complete Home Health Care service to meet your needs and wishes. We have a well-educated team with a lot of experience and expertise that allows us to provide the best home medical care for you.

Our Vision

To become the number one home health care provider in quality of care for Saudi Arabia and the region.

Our Mission

Caresa aims to help patients regain their independence to the furthest extent possible. This by providing high quality healthcare combined with the training and educating in self-management of a patient and their family.

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Why Caresa?

Caresa helps you become healthy again

At Caresa we believe in the highest standards of quality, reflected in our staff, our equipment and our services. We only work with the best and most cutting-edge equipment available and provide a 24/7 service, so that we can be there whenever you need us. We are an international company with international expertise, and we will maintain an international level of care and service for you in Saudi Arabia. As well as providing a high-quality service, we will be more than just a health care provider and we go beyond the classic doctor-patient relationship. We want you to feel at home with our caregivers; for you and them to become part of the Caresa family. Not only do we want to improve your health and well-being, we want you to regain your independence as far as possible. We achieve this through educating you and your family members, so that you can return, as far as possible, to your normal everyday life. with our home medical care services you will be in safe and your family also because we are the best caregiver in saudi arabia.

Choosing Caresa is the first step in becoming healthy again

Choosing Caresa is the first step in improving your health, well-being and quality of life, and throughout the caring process we will prove that your trust is placed in the right hands! Our home medical care means a lot, not only a routine for people but rather a treatment method that helps patients complete recovery and complete home medical care for them by a specialized team of doctors with experience in the field of home health care. We have many caregivers trained in-home care and correct healthcare by following many important rules when providing home care as we are a professional caregiver team.



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